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The 7 deadly sins...Demon Lord's daughter?

The 7 deadly sins...Demon Lord's daughter?

The story covers the events after the Demon Lord's defeat. ........... "Zeldris is my one and only little brother" Says Meliodas's emotions ,imprisoned in the purgatory while the body causing havoc on the outer world. There's peace everywhere now and the sins have no particular work.. "Doot toot! Wrong answer! That means... ...You lost!" Far far away from Liones,a shadow could be seen emerging from the depths of darkness. Slowly slowly taking the shape of a person. "Welcome back Crimson" A man said smirking while hiding himself completely in a dark green cloak along with companions in the same attire. "I'm obliged..Thankyou." "Hmph.Be ready Sins.." The green cloaked man began. "It all starts now!" a loud evil laugh engulfed the atmosphere as the scene continued. ...... Things are gonna take sharp,interesting turns when an enemy will join forces with Sins on the onset of their new adventures!! She isn't the Eighth sin! Neither is she a friend and they know it well. It was when the two encountered again and again by Fate but never realised it. Meliodas and Serah (16)are the exact opposites of each other.Except the affinity towards 'TROUBLE'. Is she The Demon Lord's Daughter ?! What if Meliodas found out?! How will the Sins react?! Will Zeldris and Gelda join them?! But WAIT!!!!.. What if she ISN'T ? ! Then what is her origin?! Join the 7 Deadly Sins on the start of their new Adventures as they are joined by New FRIENDS..!! New lands and New Dangers await their arrival.. But most of all...! In the midst of the darkness a new evil.has emerged!! Will.the sins overcome their fate? Why is Serah's destiny connected to them? .........

Shreya_loves_choco · Anime & Comics
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