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Chasing His Muse

Chasing His Muse

Fruits! Fucking fruits! It's like art class all over again. Wait...this is an art class. It's an art class with tattooed handsome goodness standing in front. Well, this I can live with. I started to paint. Sketching my outlines slow then fast, strong strokes keeping my sketch composition proportional. I can feel him behind me, saying nothing. His warmth hover on top of me. I close my eyes for a moment then sighed. He lower himself, put his tattooed palm on my shoulder and his lips lingers beside my ear. "Beautiful, nice strong strokes, powerful arch, keep it up Nicolette." He left me abruptly, his deep voice leave me sighing. Deep breath woman! You can do this! Just paint the fucking fruits! You can fuck the tattooed handsome goodness later on! Wait what?? ********** She was admitted by her abusive husband for being suicidal. She was once a strong, and independent woman until she married her highschool love. Who starts tearing her confidence apart, mentally abusing her. Cornering her minds, to suicidal thoughts. While he screws other women in their own home, scaring her mind for life. Until one day she meet Brent. His rugged behaviour and badboy looks should have make her stay away from him. All the sexual encounters, didn't help her to stay clear of him as she need to protect her heart. Will Brent love her? while he has his own insecurity towards women. Where he pledge to himself, that he will live happily ever after with his own wealth, and fucks any woman he wants and until his old enough to die. ************ *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

LoveLiveLust · Contemporary Romance
In the Shadows by Isabel Pearson

In the Shadows by Isabel Pearson

Elaina Day has a secret, she's different from other young ladies her age but she was born different. She likes how she is different but her mother thinks people might mistake her for a witch so she keeps her from going out into the world. Her only escape is dancing and reading but occasionally she is allowed to go out to the city on a rainy day when the streets aren't crowded. One fateful rainy day Elaina sees a handsome stranger across the street, she gives him an innocent look but as fate would have it she becomes bound to this stranger. Slowly as their lives intertwine she realizes she is falling into a world that is full of danger and things respectable ladies should never be a part of but maybe her secret will be what saves her. Maybe her secret will be what saves them. Read more to find out Elaina's secret, who the stranger is, and how she will escape from the prison that is her home.

pineapple_daydream · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings