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God Of Fighting.{A Martial Arts Fanfic.}

God Of Fighting.{A Martial Arts Fanfic.}

This is a martial arts ff that spans multiple worlds. It will begin in Baki, then go to Kengen Ashura. Danmachi/Campione is in the works too so expect that at some point. The MC is gonna be similar to yujiro so take that as you will.

Doko_Yong · Anime & Comics
A Fighting Genius In A World Of Martial Arts Anime

A Fighting Genius In A World Of Martial Arts Anime

Fighting was his life but before he got the chance to become a master, he died to cancer. But given a second chance by a mysterious higher being and transmigrated to a world full of Martial Artists who could only be considered inhuman. How will he survive? Well, the mysterious higher being gave him some perks seeing as he was a few years behind the monsters he now shared a world with. Oh, and he's also now a highschooler again. Second time through puberty should be easier, right? Right?! (A/N - I don't own the photo I used as a cover. Those rights belong to the original artist who drew it. The photo I used comes from this link - https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/376121006382523079/ - so feel free to check it out if you like the art because it details the artist who drew/colored it.)

Monke · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings