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Love Signals: Baguio Love Series

Love Signals: Baguio Love Series

Skye's first love was not the sweetest. She was a victim of a toxic and abusive relationship. That's why she left Baguio City to live in another place to heal her heart. Although she established fear of loving anew, she gave love a second chance when she returned home, only to fall as a victim again of another abusive relationship. Yet love kept knocking on her heart, and she couldn't resist it despite what she'd been through because, after all, she believed in true love. However, this time, she asked for a sign. She was cautious of the signals love sent her. But what if the sign she asked for was there but not exactly as it should be? Will she risk it? Or let it go? ******** LOVE SIGNALS Fall in love at your own risk. The first book for "Baguio Love Series" ******** Facebook: www.facebook.com/blogizta Instagram: www.instagram.com/iamblogizta

Blogizta · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings