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To Call My Own

To Call My Own

DESCRIPTION: They always dreamed of bringing up a family of their own, but even though Chanyeol could give Baekhyun everything, he couldn't give Baekhyun a child. But Junmyeon could. ~~~ ●Park Chanyeol - The husband that everyone dreams of. He loves his spouse so much that he's willing to give his other half anything and everything. ●Byun Baekhyun - A simple,caring, loving spouse, who dreams of a happy home with his husband and, of course, a child to complete the family he always fancied. ●Kim Junmyeon - Born with a golden spoon, he doesn't want to get attracted to anyone, thinking they might only be with him for his money. Now, he wants to splurge on a child, however. He wants to experience being a father, without the strings attached.

Phaenein · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings