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Reid. J Dawson of The Dawson's: The Man In Black

This isn't your typical Bad boy meets Good Girl story. Oh no, no, no. You see the thing is, our Bad boy, is actually a bad man. Well...he isn't actually all that bad. Ignore the fact that his life is painfully dangerous and the occasional death that seemed to follow him. (Details! Details!) Buuuuuut Is he's drop dead gorgeous? YES! Does his intense mocha orbs burrow through your skin and casually stroll along the shores of your soul? Does his luscious dark hair - messily - sway and bend at the will of his slender fingers, and yet, by some miracle seem to always look perfect? YES!! YES!! A MILLION TIMES YES! Does he always wear black and look formidable yet absolutely ravishing? Ding Ding Ding!!! Do you even have to ask? Reid J. Dawson, is a man of many capabilities, his skill set is unique and almost unmatched. He is well travelled, intelligent and fancy’s himself a man of peculiar tastes. Our bad man, however, is not exactly who he says he is, his past has put him on a daunting path but nothing could be more dangerous than the saucy, firecracker who is sent barrelling his way. His controlling nature is put to the test when his world clashes with a gut-wrenchingly beautiful, stubborn girl. That being said, our Good girl isn't the typical shy good girl. She has a mouth on her. Filter? Practically nonexistent. She really doesn't care for; possessive, over-controlling, confusing men. P.s. She probably has way too much pride. (Not that she'll ever admit that) Maya Dupree, an aspiring writer who always has her head in a book, isn't your average - slightly socially inept - overachiever. She is a witty, outspoken fire cracker who doesn't have a care in the world. Maya certainly has her eccentricities but that doesn't stop her from living her life. Her world soon turns upside down once she's put in a certain bad man but not really that bad, man's class. What happens when a Bad but not really Bad Man meets a very sarcastic, fearless good girl who uncovers the secrets hidden behind his all black clad appearance.

Hurricane_Allieb5 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Revenge Of The Bad Man +16

deletingsjdcs · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings