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Roles Reversed.

Dark clothes Tattoos Don't care . . .that's the only words i can use to describe Ace knight. •~•~•~• Bad grades shy hilarious . . .that's the only words i can use to describe Everest Quinn. •~•~•~• Now you see this isn't some normal book... This is one hell of a Book! Written by one hell of a Girl! •~•~•~• Preview: I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I gasp when I feel his warm lips make a trail of kisses up to my ear. I lift my arms to his chest in attempt to push him away but I shortly stop as he gently tugs at my earlobe with his teeth. Before I can react he whispers in my ear, "Ha! Sike!" If you wanna know what happens just read the damn book bro Enjoy!!!

Lee_williams · Teen
Not enough ratings