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The Vampire's Vow: Operation make her fall in love(Vampire Series)

The Vampire's Vow: Operation make her fall in love(Vampire Series)

Vampirt Series No.1: Vampire's Vow Piercing amber eyes, a well sculpted jaw, a breathtaking facial features and well toned muscles. With two sharp fangs and an eyes who fires when red and a face who remain stoic that's how you recognize Vaughn Eros Labèlle a drop dead gorgeous man who belong to one of the strongest Emperial Vampires. And now he's in search for his blood ties. Blood ties where vampires should connect their life to a human to feed them their entire life. A nature of every blood sucking creatures to limit them from hunting for a prey. A human to give them blood for healing, gaining strength,a human a vampires existence can rely. It wouldn't supposed to be difficult for Vaughn as a billionaire to get his blood ties cause a lot of ladies are willing to offer their life for his slavery but Sylver Xaie Alcazar came cross his path carrying the scent of the sweetest blood a vampire couldn't resist. A savage, hard working and baddy woman he bitten without permission. Rule says it, the first human a vampires gonna bite before his 25 years will be their blood ties so it left him no choice but to own her. But this woman is not that easy. "It's your choice Mr.Labèlle,Now vow to protect me, be my knight and try to own my heart, if you fail you'll lost your life cause I can't deal with the man I don't love my whole life" -Sylver Xaei Vaughn a man with a pride who always got chasin by woman and never had an experience courting one, got no choice but to make her fall in love. Will he succeed? Or he'll end broke his vow?

LostSailXx · Fantasy
Not enough ratings