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Loving Jace

I could have fallen for anybody else.......Hell, I could have fallen for the mailman who always had spinach stuck in his teeth or the old man who lives across and was always watering his barren garden. But no, I had to fall for Jace Cameron, my next door neighbour who hated my guts.

Excellence_Jones · Teen
Not enough ratings


Zoanna 'Zoe' Reynolds is no ordinary teenager. Lives in a mansion, owns eight different cars for all weathers, has admirers from every corner, and gets invitations to parties every night. With her exotic looks and a billion dollars conglomerate waiting for her, the world practically worships Zoe. But there are a couple of teeny tiny problems. She lives in the confinement of the four walls of her room when she owns estates all over the continents. Rarely touches the cars even when she has Mercedes and Lamborghinis cramped in the garage. For her, admirers come and go. As for the invitations, they go straight to the trash can. Why? She's seen her parents die before her eyes. She's received the body parts of her eight years old sister as Christmas presents. She was kidnapped on multiple occasions and stood face to face with death twice. With a life as messed up as her's she labels herself as one of the most 'damaged' teenager in the world. Until she gets to know the dark haired eye candy who used to be her childhood crush. Until history starts repeating and the real destruction begins. Until all she can think was how peaceful her life had been.

jade_queen · Teen
Not enough ratings