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To Find You

To Find You

Ina is a 21-year-old girl studying medicine who has lived in Hong Kong with her parents and younger brother (Jayden) since she was 11. At Chinese New Year the streets were crowded, the bright and warm Hong Kong lanterns lit the streets. Ina and Jayden loved these lights. While everyone was wishing each other a happy new year, his little brother was kidnapped by a group of people ... Everything went too fast ... The black car...his brother pulled inside ... She didn't even have time to understand what was going on, that they were already gone ... Since that day, Ina and Jayden hated these lights ... Since this incident, Ina has promised herself that she will find her brother and the people who kidnapped him. During her research, she will realize that it will be much more difficult than expected to find her brother who is now 13 years old. On her way, Ina will meet several people... She will have to go from hotel to hotel, register for combat sports in order to be able to defend herself and learn to live on her own ...

_Cookie_Cr3am_ · Martial Arts
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