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The Villain's Redemption

The Villain's Redemption

A QUICK TRANSMIGRATION NOVEL. .... “I’ll see you on the other side of the stars,” she whispered before breathing her last. …… The moment she woke up, she was in a boundless space of white with neither memory, past, nor identity. Tasked to save the villain in every world she was sent to, she must now live the lives of countless secondary female leads to influence the villain’s ending. Accompany her in her adventures in each world as she regains her memories, and the mysteries of her past life. … [Side Quest Activated: Slap the Female Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Steal from the Male Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Anger the Villain.] [Side Quest Activated: Create chaos during the Villain's Birthday party.] [Side Quest Activated: Kiss the Villain's Brother] [Side Quest Activated: Shoot the Villains pinky finger.] Who would have thought saving the villain is so difficult? ....................... What kind of crazy system is this? She gritted her teeth and glared at the Villain. Slowly, she stood and pointed her gun to the man standing opposite her. "You are going to kill me?" Amusement flashed in his eyes. Since this system is unreasonable, she decided to kill the villain instead! *BANG!* "Warning! Warning! Host not allowed to kill Main Villain!" … Each arc will have maximum of 80 - 100 chapters. Faceslapping? Yes Contemporary? Yes Romance? Yes Fantasy? Yes Horror? Yes System? Yes Comedy? Yes 500 chapters+? Yes 2 chapters per day? Yes Rape? NO Misunderstandings? NO Love triangle? NO SLOW BURN ROMANCE? Yes Cover is not mine. It will depend on the current arc. Arc 1: The Switched Missy - Contemporary Arc 2: The Archaic Cultivator - Fantasy - R18 Arc 3: The Vampire Princess - Fantasy - R18

TheBlips · Fantasy Romance
Arokian: Fall from Grace

Arokian: Fall from Grace

Zavanna is the heiress of House Ambriose, one of the greatest houses of immortal in Arokian. She has served the Emperor for hundred years. Gaining his trust despite her status as the daughter of traitors. But one night of a big feast has turned her world upside-down. She has been framed for murdering the right hand of the Emperor. She must find the culprit or else her head will be hang in the font gate of the palace...

Rdwyn · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings