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I Owed To the Bad Boy

How do you feel when you want to go home from school with a happy heart because school is finally finished as well. But in the middle of the road you got intercepted by two robbers. And you didn't know what you do. Okay maybe you feel shocked? Or scared? And yes I'm shocked because I'm never expected this to be happend. There are 3 choices leave on my mind: 1. Run then i leave my belongings in the car and i go home safely 2. I call 911 and then wait in the car until the police come 3. I get out from the car and then scream for got help ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Get off your hand from her!" The boy scream from distance, but I froze on where I'm standing right now because the bad boy punch the robbers and then he kick the robbers and punch again and again. The robbers can't do anything of it, cause the bad boy is being brutal to fight them. I can't stop him. "Go away! Before I kill you!" The bad boy shouted to them. Before I said anything to him, he walking to me. ------------------------------------------------------------ "You owed me,,Daisy" he smirk on me and sent me a wink and just like that he disappeared. His voice is really deep, I admitted he is good looking but what he say? I owed him? I felt after this, my life is gonna turning into a hell than already it is.

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