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Naked Soul (All I Want Is him)

THIS IS NOT AN USUAL BAD BOY STORY! NOR AN USUAL BILLIONAIRE AND THE GOOD GIRL STORY!! Jessica is a complicated girl with a very complicated past, yet so is Adnrew the billionaire and Damien the bad boy. Jessica and Andrew are working on their relationship despite all obstacles, but a ghost from the past is going to mess it all up. Damien...The devil himself is here to burn them selfishly with his fire. the question is, who's going to make it out alive? This story is all about mental issues, teen issues, young adults real life problems and complicated relationships. Read to get inside their heads and find out more!! [READERS ALERT!!] : This novel can be triggering in so many levels!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

BlackIs_TheRealist · Teen

Dark Prince! Falling in love with Me!

------------------------------------------------------------------------ [ Attention : this novel featuring some mature contain ] She's a smart ass with a good impression, shy and beautiful while He's the boss with a handsome face, cold outside but naught inside. Claudia James, 23 years old, living her life as an office worker in The Knight Company. It was her first time, working in the office, and have no experience in any other jobs in the City. She's a shy girl but also a hot temper one. She easily got jealous and angry. Meanwhile... Zenith Kane, 26 years old, living his life as a great player in the business world with his cold expression. He has been nominated as one of the most popular billionaire. And also, great in playing the role of 'bad-boy '. Zenith was also known as Zen, he easily gets aroused and only tempted by the special one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ " I wanna fuck, your big tit on my table until I shoot the hot cum in your tight pussy. Your fresh juices ", visualize Zen stroking his dick with a high speed and breathe heavily due to the high pleasure, he gets. He keeps on stroking till his hot dick shoot its cum, on the comfy cushion. He breathlessly lay on the bed, satisfied with his artwork, with a little naughty smirk on his face, whenever, it comes to Claudia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ " Why don't you gave it a taste? This giant lollipop, need your warm tiny mouth to let it shoot down, it sweetness ", order Keith pressing down, Bella's body on the nearest wall while Bella keeps on moaning in pleasure due to the hard press and the in and out, finger Keith. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

violetcharms · Teen
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