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Lost In Paris | The Bachelorette Trip

Lost In Paris | The Bachelorette Trip

Are you a person who still doesn't believe in themselves? Are you THE obedient child? A child that always follows their parents orders, such that they never have time to anything for themselves? Are you a person who is confused at every point of their life? *** Follow the journey of three friends, Jade, Abi and Hannah on through their journey to the city of love, to find love... for their own self. A planned bachelorette trip and series of unplanned events will teach them the true meaning to life. Jade is about to be married to a stranger in just a month. Hannah's dreams of being a travel journalist is about to be shattered in a month when her father will hand her his business. And Abi just dumped the man she had been with for four years just because she was confused about how to react to his marriage proposal.

ShreyaSengupta29 · Romance
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