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Frozen By Chance

Chance Night is a werewolf, specifically; an omega. He has snow white hair with one vibrant purple eye and one blood red eye that stand out on his pale skin. He's small and petite with the hips and ass of a woman. He can be loud and obnoxious but really he's depressed and secretly cuts himself. Basically the cinnamon bun in this story. But he finds out he has cool powers but we'll get into that in the story. Maven King is the next Alpha of The Silver-Blood pack. He is basically the definition of a straight, white, fuck boy. He has brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes that compliment his tan skin. He thinks it's funny to bully a helpless omega but later he finds out that helpless omega could kill him without a single glance. Chance Night was basically left on the doorstep of the strongest pack in all of America, after a brutal fight killing his mother. After being taken in by another Omega- Vivian, he grew up with depression because of all the bullying. Most of the bullying was done by Maven, the next Alpha. He was the definition of a straight, white, fuck-boy. But after another fight with the guy that killed Chance's mother and father, they grew closer. They then Meet Makayla, she's somewhat of a god that gives many answers to Chance and his family. Then with some intimate time and a mistake Maven and Chance found out they were mates. But soon their lives are filled with pain and sadness. With frozen friends battling a demon and a god in some guys mind what will Chance and Maven does. Now with newly born triplets, their lives might crumble or will they be able to build up their lives and help their friends.

Makayla_Graham_7949 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings