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Portrait of Sunni

Portrait of Sunni

A story about two beautiful souls falling in love. "What's your favorite flower?" He asked looking around the shop. "The sunflower," I said finishing the card before placing it in the envelope then the box. "Really? I see you as a rose type of girl, and plus sunflowers isn't as lovely as roses," he said and I shook my head. "True, but sunflowers aren't as fragile as Roses," I said tying a ribbon around the box and made it into a bow, "sunflowers are stable and always looking towards the bright side, like me, and that's why Sunflowers are my favorite." "Hhm," he said nodding his head as he thought of what I said, "I don't like flowers, hate the smell of them, but I do love clovers because they're lucky like me." "Wow, that awesome," I said sarcastically which cause him to smirk..... Author’s Note: This novel will be written in both Sunni and Sebastian point of views, but mostly Sunni.

Niqua_24 · Teen
Not enough ratings