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Spider Gwen & The Recluse Assassin

Spider Gwen & The Recluse Assassin

In a reality without Peter Parker, seventeen year old Gwen Stacy attends to Midtown High, a school located in the Queens of New York, with her new neighbor Jack Baker who moved in last summer. Jack was born at the end of August in the year 2002. He had a knack for drawing, painting and even photography. However what he was even better at doing was using guns, knives and various other items of the same nature. Despite these hobbies and capabilities, he is socially awkward and often left out. He has a cool and aloof exterior and doesn't let many people in. He doesn't appear to be capable of expressing grand excitement or extreme enthusiasm. While he is bullied by Eugene "Flash" Thompson, most of his friends are females. They tend to flock to him, simply to talk because they know he'll listen and if asked, he will give advice. Fans of Harry Potter often call him the Chamber of Secrets and sometimes a mood ring as he can tell how others are feeling. After Gwen Stacy is bitten by a Radioactive Spider... He begins to notice her sudden change in behavior, and things get a bit weird when her hands get awkwardly stuck to his face.

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