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The Vlog (KPOP friendship story)

The Vlog (KPOP friendship story)

This is a short story with a female lead called Mina, a KPOP artist-her stage name was YOUNHA (listen to her song Winter Flower with RM ??). Mina is friends with all K-POP artists, and never gets in any scandals because of her sunny nature. It’s 2019 and it is behind the stage at the most prominent music award show in Korea, hosted by Mina’s best friend IU. Whilst the artists relax and prepare for their performances, Mina is vlogging on the artists’ various cameras ( some on V-live, some live on YouTube. ) when she gets what you could literally dub a culture shock. Her job- Fun Resourceful Innovative Energetic Nurturing Deep-thinking Manager (F.R.I.E.N.D)is compromised when a threat causes her to seriously question her life choices. Can she see past this and Carr on enjoying what she loves, with the people now known more as family, or will she leave that behind for a more secure future?

Daoist313063 · Celebrities & Real People
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