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Lexicon eXchange exPanse

Long ago, precisely 124 Duo-Septuaginta-Sescentillion (or 1.24 × 10 ^ [to the power of] 2021) years ago, a magical researcher hoped to survive the big collapse. Anything with a start has an end. Matter can not be created nor destroyed. Through deductive reasoning, it is believed that the universe has an infinite cycle of big bangs and collapses. A scholar extended his life using a self created immortal technique. Immortals have always dreamed of godhood, and if there ever was a god; they would have merely been someone who can survive one universe's death and live in the next. No more, no less. How many times have the universe experienced this big bang though? I, the author, personally think time is infinite and has always been. However, If it was possible, wouldn't the universe be covered in gods from the infinite amount of time that has already passed? Becoming a god is impossible. Living forever is impossible. However, what about an idea or information? The once simple scholar had a dream to live forever, however, it changed. The magical researcher's idea was to transmit knowledge to the other side of the abyss. One might think that the simple scholar was now a philosopher questioning life, but the law of parsimony simply says '*The simplest explanation is usually the right one*'. --- A/N: I have been brain storming and writing the premise of this story for about 5 days on my computer. I decided I would post some chapters online, and saw a tycoon contest going while I was inputting my story into the Inkstone system. I decided to change gears and intent of my story from a empire building story into a more tycoon focused one. Ended up re-writing before I uploaded this story. I think it will end up more realistic this way after thinking of the competition others who want to build an empire and what not. It will be profits first. Empires need to crush competition for a monopoly, but my end goal is now a tycoon who only cares for profits and not the territory outside the fence or border of his domain. The vetted interests in a tycoon are different from a mayor or emperor. You could say there are similarities to an empire and a tycoon, but the goal and focus are different. If an emperor runs out of space, he needs to conquer and care about respect and his people. A tycoon can just build up and down and layer things as they please. All tycoon construction is done through a controlled and planned economy, while an empire typically uses a branching distribution approach. Growth is usually organic or independently controlled from branching units or power in empires. Nothing stops the tycoon, not when you have a tycoon that invades all fronts, even the monster and alien economies. Everyone is a target, even bugs have meat to eat, and all intellectual creatures will be an audience in the tycoon's targeted ad campaign.

Skaviouz · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Automation In Cultivation

In a world where technology doesn't exist can Ye Feng become a cultivator through automation?

AutonomousMechanic · Fantasy
Not enough ratings