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Master of divine blood

Master of divine blood

The hero finds himself in an empty white space. He does not remember himself and does not understand what is happening. The sweet voice of a girl with maternal care tells him about rebirth. Everyone who fulfilled their Great Dream on Earth gets here to choose abilities and become stronger. Superior beings act in a special space, but can also return to Earth. They are waiting for the conquest of 9 worlds of the dragon necklace. The hero receives only 12 points for choosing the ability, but the weakest costs 15. A sweet voice helps him cope with this problem. Having no memory of himself, the MC retained the principles of personality, so he joyfully plunges into a new world for him. But a series of strange coincidences shows that he fell into a certain conspiracy ... --------------- If you are a lover of novels and have been reborn in such a magical way, is it not natural to think of the world as a fairy tale? Yes? Then you do not know how terrible the tales are in the original version. Embark on a journey with the hero to find out the hidden "Truth about the world" PS: The world of history is strictly thought out and obeys its laws. It has a history and development. Some readers may find it difficult at the beginning due to many terms. I know that many are tired of super-lucky heroes. As soon as they need something, they immediately receive it. This story is different. Everything has a reason (explicit or hidden).

AlexeyFedorov · Fantasy
Not enough ratings