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Legend Of Gugu-Gaga

Legend Of Gugu-Gaga

Saga had reached the peak of existence after defeating all the Gods and Divine Beings that guarded the multiple dimensions. After unlocking the highest knowledge and power a being can achieve, he now seeks nothing but the only being he could never defeat. In his bright divine form with pulsating energy glowing across his every cell, his glowing eyes rose to stare at the unknown space. He looked at me. Yes me. The Author. "Who are you? Why are you narrating everything?" Saga asked the unknown space. He is referring to the Author of this novel. Too bad he can't come out of the novel hahaha! "How dare you to mock me! Do you know who I am? I am Saga! The God Slayer! King of the Multiverse! The one and only! No one is higher than me! Not even you! Stupid narrator. I will find you and destroy you!" Saga declared in an imposing voice. He was fueled by suffocating anger knowing that another being is, if not powerful, higher than him. "I am not suffocated by anger! No one is better than me! I have wiped out countless of powerful beings, planets, even universes, and Gods! No one is higher than me!" But actually there is. He is called the Author Of This Novel. Let's short it to Aotn. How's that sound? "None! What Aotn? You are just an imaginary being... you are not higher than me!" Actually I am. "Fuck you! Show yourself!" Psst. Language. There are young readers here. "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuuuuck you! You can't tell me what to do. I am the highest form of God! And you... You are just a boring piece of shit typing a stupid novel in a stupid office. You are a miserable being worthy of crushing in my hands and turned into a fuc-- Gugu gaga!" Wew. That was an annoying character indeed. Aheem, anyway let's start our story to the adventures of Saga, the legend of Gugu-gaga. Why Gugu-gaga you say? WOooM! Somewhere in a certain kingdom, in a humble house of a certain family, a cute little baby suddenly stopped sucking his mother's breast and looked at Aotn. "Hey, you! Yes, you! Fucking Author! How dare you turned me into a fucking little child!? And what happened to my fucking perfect body? Why am I stuck in this worthless fucking human baby form?" "Oh my God of heavens! Our newborn can talk!?" The mother of Saga was utterly surprised that her newborn baby just suddenly talked like an old drunk bastard. "Who's the bastard? Quickly, I demand you to give me back my perfect divine body you piece of shit!" "And he curses a lot. That must be a demon child!" The midwife quickly came to a conclusion. "Only a demon can talk like that! That is not my baby! We must destroy it! Let's throw it to the forest!" The father immediately decided. A few moments later, a newborn baby that was declared to be of a demon was thrown to the forest and left for the forest animals to take care. "Fuck. You. Author." Psst. Watch your language I said. One last curse and I will change that word throughout this story. Anyway, Saga cursed in his mind as his body rolled across the forest after being thrown away. His abnormal body allowed him to withstand the damage of the impact while he continued to roll across the dark forest like a piece of the barrel. "Fuck you. Fuck you! I want my body! you Flunk!--- I said I want my real body you flunk! Flunk? Fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk!" Unfortunately, the Aotn has removed Saga's ability to curse. He is now unable to utter the "F" word. Every time he does, he could only say the word "Flunk". "I will kill you!" And, yeah let's change that threatening sound too. instead of Kill, let's say...hmm. oh yes. GUGU GAGA. "Fluuunk it! I will Gugu-gaga you! And there goes our synopsis.

iamnaz7 · Fantasy
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