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A Universe Gone Awry

Hi, I'm Meravat Belanis. I'm the soon-to-be queen of the universe-actually- that's my side job. This year, I met the son of the universe's biggest enemy, and we are working together to disperse the Nojuni Empire. At the same time, I wondered if becoming queen will change my life too much. And while all that is happening, I try to appease all five nation leaders and a separate galaxy. I also tried to prevent war from breaking out from my best friend and his worst enemy, a sketchy leader of a large state. I also worry about losing my magic altogether, putting my life in this universe at risk. And that's not all, but I can't explain everything in one sitting. It's quite the life, but it's worth every second of it. I'm Meravat Belanis, and this is my story.

Meravat ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings