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Marriage on the Side

Savannah Hamilton aka Savvy was a down on her luck med student by day an a stripper at night. Even with her party girl ways and project background, Savvy's only focus for the last few years is taking care of her grandma and paying for school. Tyron Turley, is a rising executive and even though he's rising his company is loosing more money than they are making. So when his best friend bets him two million dollars he wouldn't marry any stripper he chooses, he sees his troubles coming to an end. He doesn't do attachments so this should be an easy bag. Savannah cant believe the proposition she just got offered. Its crazy, but if he's serious it could take care of her education and make sure her granny was taken care of for the rest of her years. While Tyron sees a way to advance in the corporate world.

shayjonez ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings