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Stay Awake

Stay Awake

2017 WATTY AWARDS WINNER (THE STORYSMITHS) (Stay Awake #1) What would you do if the whole world falls asleep? Nagising mula sa matinding pagkakalasing ang 17-year-old na si Jared. It seems like a normal day for him, until he finds out that everyone in his house is still asleep and won't wake up. Pero hindi lang sa loob ng bahay niya, kundi sa buong mundo. Scared and confused, he decided to hop online to see if anyone else is awake. He finds a new post with three comments in it. With four other teenagers, Jared needs to find out why the whole world fell asleep. To solve the mystery that will save the entire humanity, they need to be alert, open their senses, and stay awake.

daveryanangcla0921 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings