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AVATAR Legends of Yin and Yang

AVATAR Legends of Yin and Yang

100yrs passed after the last Avatar Korra died, the next avatar which would come from the Earth Kingdom has not risen nor had been born, it was claimed by many that the Avatar has already ended with Korra, some still believes that a new Avatar will be born under a new cycle, while others claimed that the Avatar is no longer needed as he/she does not represent balance or peace any longer, yet no one expected that a new Avatar will rise again after a 100yrs after years of civil wars, independence, chaos and turmoil, with the four nation no longer believing that a new heir with the power to control all elements will come to rise again, nations had began to be divided, the world after 100yrs forgot that a new avatar will be born to continue the cycle, and bring balance to the world, no one knew expect the white lotus and the red lotus two separate factions with one goal to find and wait for the next Avatar, the world may had forgotten the Avatar but not for these two faction they believe that cycle may had change but will still rise once again to bring balance to the world. Enter Yin and Yang twins born to a earth kingdom father and a fire nation mother, even at the young age of 3 they began to show signs of being able to control the 4 elements though not fully ,while others fear that they are the reincarnation of both Vatu and Raava and not the Avatar Korra.

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