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SORRY Readers

How does it feel to replace your sister position to marry an unknown man for the sake to accomplish an family agreement? That's what Aruna, a 20 years old, a sophomore girl of design major feels. She have to marry Hendra, a young CEO, owner of a mega business across the country! Its already kind of problem to accomplish such a stupid agreement to marry that man, but, Aruna hear some rumor that Hendra alreadys a girlfriend?? And his lover is an artist! However ... what would happen when the CEO suddenly start to really fell in love with Aruna? Not only that, a young man, Aruna’s bestfriend, Damar, also show his interest to Aruna! "What's the difference between 28 and 29 October ??". Damar ask. "You’re silly, do you try to make a joke?" "October 28 is the day of youth promise". "October 29 .." Damar try to hold Aruna’s waist. "I swear, I will love you with all of my heart...". That young man from Padang, whispered right in Aruna's ear. Makes Aruna stutter and pushes Damar's away from her. Who will win Aruna’s heart? The contract husband or Damar, that sweet man? Can Aruna succeeded to become a widow and back home? or will her heart fall for that cold CEO? Enjoy the story of Aruna, CEO Hendra and young Damar in Aruna's First Kiss INFO: Instagram @bluehadyan Author dewisetyaningrat Translator: Naomi

dewisetyaningrat · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings