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Ashly Suleyka.

Stages of my life. Childhood. I never grew up with my parents, my mother, because of her high-time job, works in a textile company, my father was never interested. This age 19 years and nothing that gives thanks to her disappeared, but I learned to mature by myself. Adolescence. Very sad adolescence, failed romances and everything you can imagine harassment and attempted rape, a very difficult life. Adulthood. Let the bullimia win over me, I'm sorry the alcohol and after problems took my body. School. Feita girl, do not approach her is ugly .. Always laugh at me because life is unfair. Schoolgirl. Mom let me mom don't hit me it hurts mom .. Nope, helped, shut up stupid ... Friends. Please be my friends .. Happy moments. I look forward to it ... 

Isaacwaldro4 · Historical Romance
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