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The Adventures of the Young Master (Teaser)

The Adventures of the Young Master (Teaser)

Jin Rou, the youngest Celestial King, was being restricted to go outside by his father for some reasons. Thus, Jin Rou was fed up. And so, he made his 'Grand Plan' of running away. AN: This is not a BL story. So if you're looking for one, you are in the wrong place. ---- Updates: 5-7chaps/week (depends on the amount of donations) ---- Donate: https://www.paypal.me/jeibrei Donate: patreon.com/brei12 ---- Note: This novel is created by a lowly and inexperienced author. So it is obvious that there would be a lot of mistakes. If you think this is endurable, then you have my gratitude and welcome you here. But if you're looking for a well-polished novel, then this novel might disappoint you.

Brei · Eastern Fantasy