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The Young Master's Accidental  Bride

The Young Master's Accidental Bride

Meet Sun Yi a talented orphan raised by the Lin Family in order to protect their Young Master Lin Feng, the future CEO of LC Corps, a well known retail giant. Growing up, she stayed by Lin Feng's side making sure he's safe and away from trouble. While Lin Feng grew up hating her, treating Sun Yi as a competition for his grandfather's affection. She NEVER wanted to be his bride, but due to an unexpected event, she ended up being the Young Master's accidental bride.

sbyryo94 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings
Arrogant Ceo and Cold hearted Miss

Arrogant Ceo and Cold hearted Miss

She was a cold hearted Miss of the Xiao family with her organs failing and her life at the end of the road she decides to fall in one of the scheme of her third uncle to push her siblings to become more vicious than her and become the new head of Xiao family but what she didn't expected was that to be reborn in a romantic novel as cannon fodder with similar name as her pushed by her ex and the male protagonist to commit suicide watch Xiao Mei to cunningly rip off the fake white lotus facade, leave her not so loving mother and half sister and make the Arrogant Ceo Luo ting fall in head over heels in love with her

fairytail72 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings