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Will You??

"Don't move!.. " A shivering voice says. The sword in his hand had penetrated under the heart of her body. -Chwak- She lowered her eyebrows and smiled, suddenly she penetrate sword into herself and come towards him. "Then at least how could I touch your face?" Her breath is broken but that lips still smiling through the pain. Her bloodied hand slowly began to touch his face. tears on his eyes begin to flow along her fingers. "I.. I.. can't imagine a second without you." She close her eyes and try to take a breath because, she couldn't bear the pain any longer. "Let's meet soon another life..." Again she come forward through the sword and hug him tightly. It is be a pond of fresh blood. Slowly Her hand fall down, and he feel that her heart stop the beating itself. _____________________________________________________ Hi loves this is my first novel. Please kindly support me..❤️ I upload one chapter for a day.. *English is my second language*

Cheroin98 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings