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Say Yes, Secretary Simmons

Say Yes, Secretary Simmons

"Your inheritance and estate rights ride in one condition-- marriage." ************** Adrian "Ian" Vale doesn't think much of the whole inheritance ordeal. He was certain he already has it in the bag. But of course, in the most eccentric fashion, his grandfather likes to "spice things up," even if it means toying with his own grandson's life. So Ian decided that if he has to succumb to his grandfather's conditions, then he might as well marry somebody he knows and trust-- and the only one that pops in his mind is his secretary of more than eight years. Jade Simmons. Ian is a very eligible bachelor with good looks, smarts, and handsome net worth that can sustain him for a very long time, and Jade is single (as far as Ian is aware) and at the ripe age to get married as well. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

ordinarywriter · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings