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Love me Emperor

" I wasn't suppose to love you but i can't help falling in hard for you" He said gazing into her eyes..."Sorry that i love you, more than i should"...... A girl married to a royal prince whom she's never met before. Her husband though handsome is not like other men, men whom a girl would want to marry.. Will love blossom between them?Or is it going to be a torture for the girl.? N.b:-The cover picture used is taken from Pinterest and is not my original picture thuse i do not own the copyright to this...The copyright goes to the rightful owner.

Chichi_Yun · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Princess' Rearrangement

“Firstly, before you ask, I loved your brother dearly.” she said all in a breath. Noticing his hands stiffen, her clench grew tighter. His prior momentarily arousal vanished leaving behind a tainted slight scowl as he attempted to shove her hands off. *** Merely days before her wedding, she is informed of the tragic death of her childhood fiancé and must now marry his brother, a brother no one had heard about. From having to survive through plots, secrets and their very marriage, Ayisha must find her place in the castle as well as her kingdom.

a_lady_in_blue · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings