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Him & I

Him & I

"Dedication, determination and discipline. Those are the three principles I told you to live by. Kill or be killed, that is simply the way it is", he said. A scoff escapes her slightly parted lips. 'Click' his blade slips out of his sleeve and rests in his palm. Sharp and silver, it simmers in the light. His steps towards her are slow but then quicken into a slight run. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa", he cries and attacks. 'Thump' Blood drips from his severed head held from his luscious black locks. "Kill". ~*~ Dedication, determination and discipline. It once was a "Man's World" but he forced her hand and caused his destruction. She brought him to his knees, put his head at her feet and sat on the throne. Disclaimer: None of this text was created or intended to attack or discriminate against any gender, race, religion, tradition, culture or any beliefs of group(s) or individual(s). All events, characters and places that are mentioned are purely fictional. Some events have been inspired by true events but it is not a documentary/biography of any character depicted in the novel. No text should be constructed to represent a true or accurate recreation of the actual events that transpired. The story and the relationships between the characters depicted in the film have been fictionalized. Any resemblance or similarity to any actual events, entities or persons whether living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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