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How (Not) to Summon a Archdemon

How (Not) to Summon a Archdemon

A rare genius to servant. A victim bullied by grandpa and grandma, became a grim reaper. A guard bocame a captain. A cannon fodder became more efficient cannon fodder. But when he died, he become an archdemon of hell. "Soul for a wish, what is your desire?" "Real anime waifu!" "..." Follow his story while he was an archdemon of hell. Note: My mother tongue is not english so be prepared for future error, and do please type on the comment what the error so i can fix it. Chapter -1chap a day. (Do understood if sometimes no chapter everyday) Artwork is not mine or any portion of it. Artwork by Harshanand Singh Visit my Wholesome song channel - https://youtu.be/zWrioPXAqj4

Weaponmaster · Fantasy
Not enough ratings