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Secrecy Eyes

Secrecy Eyes

Otherworld, a different reality that lives alongside ours like a mirror. There, spirits and magical creatures live together with beings of darkness and monsters, only a few are able to see this place and beings that gives them incredible powers and abilities to fight and keep balance with the Human Realm. Asaki Yuto was a normal boy before meeting the mysterious boy by the name of Sakaki Yuya, who he had a grudge against, resulting into an accident that left him in a coma and his spirit is left to wander in the world of spirits and monsters. Yuya and Yuto join together to uncover the secrets of Yuya's heritage and abilities together with Yuya's older sister Milla and her friends from Tales of Academy. What they find out is that Yuya is more special than what seems to the naked eye. This story is originally from fanfiction with the same name and the first of the Secrecy Eyes trilogy, more might come depending on the out come. Might contain bad language, violence and gross images.

BlkRockShooterstar · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings