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Prince of Knights (An Arabic Love Story)

Arabs are well known for their culture, Poetry, and hospitality. They are also known for their bravery and leadership. Faris, son of Sheikh Mubarak a hard-hearted man known among his tribe. No man is brave enough to raise his voice in his presence. His mission was to demolish his enemy's tribe for annihilating one of his men. However, fate decided something new when the blood feud was only resolved by his marriage to the daughter of his enemy. Raghad is just like any other Muslim girl, who wishes to marry the man of her dreams but she meets Faris the Knight with no heart. He only fears his Lord his maker and no one else. With no other option to resolve the blood feud Raghad steps over her dreams to shield her tribe. Will Faris unbolt the gates of his heart for her? Read to find out what happens in this love story. Prince of Knights, based on a Bedouin lifestyle.

Queenofdarkness · History
Not enough ratings

Love From Al Kadhimiya (Discontinued)

Asad is an American Muslim who travels to Iraq as he tours the Middle East. While taking a taxi to a hotel, Asad saves a woman who was about to jump off a bridge. Not long, a Sheik claiming to be her Wali (guardian) quickly whisk her away. Feeling obligated to check on the well being of the distressed woman, Asad decides to track her down. After successfully locating the Sheik, Asad discovers the so called religious leader has been prostituting women, through Muk'tah marriages (temporary marriage).

Inkscalabur · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings