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Month of April

Month of April

APRIL FOOL'S.... That's what we think first when Month of April is nearly to come. Jokes are everywhere, jokes that either break or make us. 30 days of April that will make other's fool but Ashanti told herself that she will never be a victim of April Fool's this year. She will first do a research before believing. 30 days of April will make people believe that everything is just a joke. Days that make you pretend that everything is okay because no one believes in you. That's what Heman told his self that's why he'll use the chance to know if someone will listen to him or not. Will Ashanti still stand on what she believes even if it's everyday she heard the same statement? Will she believe and let herself be fooled as what she think? or just let every day passed even that statement irritates her? What will happen on the Month of April?

souleal · Teen
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