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Ascenders Rift

It is the year 2050 of the Earth Calendar, and while many would think it to be an ordinary year, it is far from what one would expect. With the arrival of Rifts popping up all over the world, portals that came to be known as Ascenders Rifts, a new era is born. Though filled with endless possibilities, the world itself is on a path of destruction. Author Contact: ____ https://twitter.com/ShadowsFinger https://www.patreon.com/ShadowsFinger https://www.instagram.com/shadowsfinger/ https://www.facebook.com/shadowsfinger

ShadowsFinger · Magical Realism

I Accidentally Impregnated a God

Cane Astro, a doctor at K Doctors Hospital accidentally had sex with a woman in order to save her. When he suddenly died of an unknown cause, he got reincarnated to the him that lived in a post-apocalyptic world. Later on, an unknown voice told him that the woman he saved was an avatar of a God and she gave birth to his child. Would he be able to reunite with that woman and his child? How will he be able to survive in a world governed by superhumans?

SleepingGluttony · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

New World's End

-- Reborn into a dying world. Forced to fight an impossible fight -- Middle-aged, overweight, and alcoholic; an insurance salesman dies surrounded by strangers beneath the cold emblem of his company. Beyond the darkness of death, the man awakens in a cabin deep in the woods. His body is young and spritely. His voice is bright. Impossibly, he is young again in the body of a sixteen-year-old boy. Given a second chance in a strange, new world, he resolves to give this life his all. But annihilation lies just over the horizon. Can this world be saved, or will its people and land be consumed by an insatiable, and eternal hunger?

WrittenWinter · Fantasy

Apocalyptic Conversion System

I travelled back in time right before the Apocalypse but got a trashy system! [ Converted Ordinary Iron Armor. Gained 1 Exp. ] What? I lost my only set of armor and just got a stack of money in return!? This system is garbage! I wish it would just disappear! Huh? Wait, what? Maybe this system isn't as bad as I thought. I just got a Mythical summoning token and summoned a Mythical beast!? Countries fight over mythical items! This can't be true! That's not all!? I became a Heavenly Evolver!? What even is a Heavenly Evolver? The highest grade is Mythical! An Evolver isn't even a profession! Wait, there's even more? My beast evolved to Heavenly and I suddenly became extremely handsome!? What is happening to me? What is this system? Why have I travelled back in time? Whatever! I'll find out later! For now, let me just sit back and enjoy. This life may be way better than I had imagined... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Each chapter has 2,000+ words. I hope you like my story. Feel free to comment or suggest. Thank you for reading!!! Picture Citation: R.A.C.T.A.P.O.P.U.L.O.U.S. (n.d.). City Disaster End of the World Apocalypse [Illustration]. https://pixabay.com/photos/city-disaster-end-of-the-world-fire-2444516/

FatalDestiny_7539 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Vanilla Dusk

Warning: angst, tragedy, major character's death --- Elli returns the kiss passionately. Their very first and last official kiss. Everything is engulfed in a colossal mushroom cloud. All that remains is a dry, flat wasteland where life starts anew. Elli would love to tell Jónas with his very last breath, that he has found his true love miraculously on the battlefield. And so absurdly, there is something beautiful to cling to, even in the worst place on Earth. --- This is a collection of five interconnected, angsty love stories. E and S are two compatible Soul Collectors who work for the Underworld to collect human souls and guide them through a series of trials. One day, E is enticed by a demon and defies the protocol which forbids him to harbour any sentiments towards humans. S, as E's accomplice in one of the missions, fails to retrieve two human souls and the two are subsequently subject to retribution. They are exiled from the Underworld and forced to go through four agonising reincarnations. In their first trial, Erik and Shayne are two teenage boys caught in an infinite, tormenting time loop induced by two enchanted pocket watches that distort the dimensions while feasting on their lifespan, soul and memories. Can love save them from the recurring ordeals? In their second trial, Emir is a traumatised painter struggling with the loss of his spouse and Shane 2.0 is an android magically delivered to his porch one day, vowing to help him overcome his depression and anorexia while recollecting fragments of his bittersweet memories. Can a heart revive after love has once died? In their third trial, Elis is a MUTANT – a bloodthirsty, flesh-craving creature infected with an unknown virus years ago but is miraculously able to retain human intelligence and the ability to communicate. During one of his outings, he bumps into Shann, a surviving human who is scavenging a house with his family. Can love blossom in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? In the last trial, Elli and Shane dwell in a rotten world blighted by another calamity – WWIII. They are two teenage soldiers struggling to survive on the battlefield, seeking to rediscover the remaining trace of humanity, their forgotten identities and the value of bonding. What will remain of love when the entire world is decimated? --- A boy x boy angsty romance.

leonadreams · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Elemental Apocalypse Reborn

Apocalypse_2ndLife · Fantasy
Not enough ratings