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Cardinal System

Enter this new world, While Everyone in my school transmigrated to another world to become the hero.... I became the Demon Emperor. When rules acts as chains that binds one to sanity... I walk 10,000 Miles Free and Unfretted.

godly_KitchenKnife · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Dreaming of Another World

"A poor attempt at writing in order to overcome writer's block is better than no attempt at writing to overcome it." - WebNovelSins This is a short story about characters who come to realize they're in possession of an almighty ability that can be used for both the good and the bad. A bad mix of every little cliched plot that exists, this isn't a story to read if you're new to other-world fantasies. Original Title: 異世界の夢, Isekai no Yume, 다른 세상을 꿈꾸며, Writer: WebNovelSins Editor/Translator: Urimiya Proofreader: WebNovelSins Cover Art: WebNovelSins Publisher: WebNovel Marketing Officer: [Looking for Volunteers] Social Media Officer: [Looking for Volunteers]

WebNovelSins · Video Games
Not enough ratings



Benevolent_Daoist · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings