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Do you wonder if there is life after death? Have you ever wondered, what would happen if you broke a rule? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you killed someone? Murder someone? Most likely not, these questions would usually not appear in a regular person's thoughts. David... David Nguyen, grew up in the US, ever since he was young, like most other children he was taught to have good principles. Follow the rules, listen to him, her, them, they... David was born into a Catholic family, and more specifically taught the 10 commandments. You shall not lie You shall not steal YOU SHALL NOT KILL ... Being taught, about this person you have never met, to devote your spare time to this deity. To do good deeds, and to avoid the near occasion of sin. All so you can have a peaceful eternity after death... To, avoid the punishments of hell. David...He was a model child, he never did anything wrong, followed his parents rule, listened to them. Did well in school. Little did anyone know what was going on in his head. Little did they know what was going on in his spare time. Kind, and Gentle on the outside, Yet, Wicked, and Brutal beyond belief on the other side. Two polar opposites, existing in one person. This is the story of the two-faced human. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Release Schedule: Once per day? Depends on my schedule. Disclaimer: This story is 100% Realistic Fiction, no system, no magic, no cheats. This story can have parts where the MC can be unnecessarily cruel, if you do not like that, please avoid this book.

Ichijero · Fantasy
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