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When The Ruthless Woman Falls in Love

When The Ruthless Woman Falls in Love

Song Yu you would and will become my woman whether you like it or not. I will treat you like the one and only in my heart, love you, shower you with love and give you anything you wish for. Nothing in this world can stop me from loving you yu er. ------ Song Yu a once cheerful girl became a ruthless woman after a fateful night. Song Yu became cold towards love, family and friends besides her best friend Qiao Lin. She change herself for the better and train herself to not feel anything for anyone and revenge for those who had betray her. Gu Chen a ruthless and the richest business man of Country Z, who rules over the business world or even more have never fallen in love with any woman before. Until, fate starts to play its part. Gu Chen met Song Yu and fell in love with her. Will Gu Chen break the walls that Song Yu had build up to protect herself from people who would betray and harm her? or will Gu Chen fail to let her fall in love with him? What will their story be? Sad? Happy? Read and you will find out. ------- Note this is a original story by me ZDY_ without translation. Update schedule 2/3 chapters per 2 days or 3 days

ZDY_ · Romance
Not enough ratings