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Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

[TO BE A SCIENTIST IS TO BE A NAIVE, THEY ARE SO FOCUSED TO FIND THE TRUTH, EVEN THOUGH PEOPLE TRY to DENY IT THE CURIOSITY IS THERE, WHETHER WE SEE IT OR NOT THE TRUTH DOES NOT CARE ABOUT MORALS, RELIGIONS, IDEOLOGIES WELCOME TO THE WORLD MAD SCIENTIST ] [ ONE TRUTH I KNOW IS I AN NOT GOOD AT WRITING SYNOPSIS LOL AUTHOR NOTE ] Bai Jie a self-proclaimed evil scientist but not so evil who was researching on getting rid of the trauma he suffered when he was 15 which has changed his whole life. He didn't remember anything which led to this outcome but he became a genius of the century. As the people say no escapes the cycle of time. But something or someone changed his fate; it was no god or demon. It was an anomaly that has changed his life. See Bai Jie( an Old man) as he struggles in this new cruel world where at every corner danger lurks. Where he fought for his life not only from the outside but also from something inside. heavenly God" evil scientist I can't break through nxt realm plz guide" Evil Scientist " You have accumulated Fat in your meridians go exercise alone not with your wife " let's enjoy a journey of an evil scientist who may not be so evil ******* evil scientist " demon god what happens when you break through the god realm" Demon god"it's a heavenly sensation once reach it the more you want it it's like the whole world embrace you with the warmness gentle and destructive at the same time it feels that you are breaking the shackles of the world" Demon god explained with a pride Evil scientist "next time you just tell me you don't know I have no interest in your relationship with your wife. you should keep these confidential not spread it with proud face what a moron" Demon god's head just popped open he died on the spot due to cultivation deviation author here TinyheadXD#2306- Discord. if you have any suggestion please contact. PLEASE GIVE IT A READ!! and a review for people like me which wants to see things differently ( if u like it plz share It give a review)

tinyheadXD · Eastern Fantasy
The Tale of the Lost World

The Tale of the Lost World

"Different worlds; same fate" Grey's life was considered to be perfect 'til a horrible disaster killed half of the population of the world; including his family and his best friend. Thus, he decided to end his life and jumped on the apex of the bridge. However, outside the vast universe, a world where demons and magical creatures exists summons his wandering soul. Grey Turner was greeted by the previous Demon King and was asked to save his kind in the brink of extinction. "Help me, wanderer, for I shall grant you a new life and power. Thou shall bestow my pride and honour. Free my people and attain the world's greatest desire; Peace for humanity and demons" I do not own the cover of this book (the illustration is from the popular anime called Overlord)

kuhaku_sora · Fantasy
Not enough ratings