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Falling For Nazir

Falling in love is not rational, it's pure madness. A beautiful, wonderful moment of magnificent insanity. "You coming ?" He asked without turning back. "Are we going to leave him there" I ventured. "Of course not, we gonna take him to your home and will arrange a grand dinner. That's what people do with a serial killer or whatever he is" He mocked as he pocketed his phone. "You know, it won't physically hurt you to be nice for once" I crossed my arms in front of my chest and groaned. "I don't want to take a chance" the corner of his lips lifted a little as he finished his sentence. Ugh !! This annoying handsome devil !! "You know what ? Never mind." I'm not even going to dignify that with a comeback...because I don't have one. He's a charismatic magnet, that pulls her crazily. He's a burning flame, making herself to threw her into it, into him. It isn't a secret anymore when she fell in love with him. Fast,hard and deep. The spark of that feeling felt frightening, it becomes a fire, then it becomes a craving taste. A forbidden fruit, leaving dark matte smudges in her soul.

CaramellaFraser ยท Teen
Not enough ratings