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Our Secret Love (Dabi x Reader)

You find out your childhood best friend is a villain. He also finds out you’re a hero going to UA. You both realize you were meant for each other but are also enemies. How will your secret romance go out? What will happen if you are caught? "But I love you. If your a hero and I'm a villain we can't be together. I love you too much to lose you again." "I love you too." "I don't want to lose you either. I want to be with you, but who knows what could happen if others find out." "Then it could be a secret." "What?" "Our secret love."

Danna_Bella · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings


~Xeto Alcazar: When the sudden growth of supernatural events throughout the Kingdom of Loradel turn violent, the Demon-Hunt unit known as Direwolf is sent to investigate a sudden collection of deaths at a nearby crossroads. Newly promoted Direwolf Commander; Xeto Alcazar, and his Sniper-Knightess; Rebecca Orvein embark on a journey that leads them to Xeto's old home, a village at the mercy of Zuland, a neighboring kingdom. They reunite with old friends and make new enemies as their pursuit leads them across the continent. They now fight to stop the embers of conflict from igniting a war with Zuland whilst attempting to find the truth behind the demon scourge. ~Sara Eshlon: As the heiress to the Zuland Throne, Sara Eshlon wishes for nothing more than an age of peace for her people. Though it seems fate had other plans as an attempt on her life was made on the day of her secondary coronation. Though the failed assassination proved to be only the zenith of newly born problems as the dead begins to return to life and plague her nation's borders, new hostilities arise between Zuland and Loradel. Now Sara is forced to end those her oppose her crown through the act of war whilst trying to find out the truth of who or what wished her dead... and why. (I made the Description somewhat vague in efforts to keep more mystery to it. A lot of novels seem to almost summerize most of the story. I didn't want that.)

SEsquivias · Fantasy
Not enough ratings