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Shinobi Fenrir

Shinobi Fenrir

A young transferee student from Japan is on his way home after his first day of school when he suddenly saw her teacher getting robbed on an alleyway after he dodge a meeting with Truck kun. Trying to be a hero, Daisuke helped her and as they were making their escape, Truck kun arrives and hit him to oblivion, no reincarnation. Now our MC gets reincarnated to the world of shinobis and with the help of an angry Dog/God got 3 limited wishes and was born as the young heir of the Inuzuka clan. Author Note: This is my very first fanfiction. Thank you and enjoy. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and any of the other characters except for the OC.

Lain_Walker · Martial Arts
The Demon's Journey

The Demon's Journey

Ozawa Yasushi finally achieves vengeance but pays with his life in the end. He goes to the afterlife and meets a powerful being that grants him two choices, he chooses one and is sent to a world of Fantasy. Follow Ozawa as he goes on a journey in his next life. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, I've always wanted to try writing my own story with ideas I've come up with and the result is an original story with things that were added from animes, novels, and movies. I've read many fan fictions and I wanted to try writing an original story with fan fiction elements. I am new at writing so any mistakes you can point out for me or criticisms are greatly appreciated and if you have any ideas that can help me improve my story and writing style, then that would be nice as well. Thanks for reading! Ciao! Disclaimer: I do not own anything used in this story except the MC, Original Characters and other things that I create for my story. Everything else that isn't mine belongs to their respective authors and owners.

GlassesSama · Fantasy
Not enough ratings