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Highschool DxD: Reincarnated Sitri

Highschool DxD: Reincarnated Sitri

Shin Amari died because of our favorite truck-kun. after he died his soul was sent to the void where a God was resting. because the God took pity of him he gave our mc a system. [System initializing... 5%... 43%... Error Error] Huh? [Bug detected fixing bug...] EH? [bug fixed rank increased to administrator] WHAT!! This is the first time I wrote something like this dont hate me as I am a Child and my grammar sucks. english is not my first language. and if you have any opinions for the story feel free to put it in the comments as I will be reading every single one. if you hate then hate if you drop it then do it if you keep reading I thank you for the support. Formerly known as [The system had a bug now I can buy anything]

Chihiro_Kanzaki · Anime & Comics
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