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The Bird Became my Elf Husband!?

The Bird Became my Elf Husband!?

"Your totally a weirdo! I know one when I see one and by the looks of it you're crazy too!" " Of course not darling♡, I'm not any of those, I'm just your loving husband so show some respect and call me hubby 'kay?♡ "OH HELL NO! Get someone else to be your wife I'm out of here!" *Slam!* (He wall slams her) "Where are you going, sweetie? You're not seriously trying to leave me again, are you? I told you you can't escape the depths of my love! I'll just keep finding you and bringing you back home safely to where you belong♡, That's with me by the way ♥. So get rid of that ridiculous stubbornness of yours and accept me already. " (Synopsis) Stella is an ordinary 21 shut in. She came across an injured bird and took care of it. Two weeks later she found herself on the ground bleeding to death in an accident on her way to work. At that moment, an elf who claims to be the bird marries her without her consent in an attempt to save her. She too becomes an elf! In a world where she is now a duchess living with her newlywed husband who's madly in love, extremely obsessed and possessive of her —yet at the same time cute. It's now up to Stella to carve her new life in another world. Will this marriage be broken? Or will she make up her mind to stay with him until the end of time? (all rights reserved )

Haruka_Yusuke02 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings