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The Moon Shines On Starlight

Hey, my dear readers! I am back and ready before. My break is officially over. I took some time off and now I am ready to be back. I have recently taken my two stories off of here, but now I will be uploading them back, along with a new story. Now, I decided that I would update them regularly. I hope you enjoy it. I will upload 1-2 chapters every week for each book, now I shall mention I am working on three books. So, if I don't get them done in time, please be patient with me! Here is the synopsis for The Moon Shines On Starlight: One dog, multiple lives, Mutt your friendly everyday dog, except she is being abused by her owner. Take a trip, if you dare, with Mutt as she ventures into different life forms as a dog. Will she get to have a happy ending, or will the tolls of being reincarnated multiple times break her dog spirit? Chapter One- Mutt It was very dimmed. I couldn’t really see. Oh, but I could smell. The sweet scents all around me. Then I smelled her. I immediately knew who she was. My mother. My creator. I went over to her screaming my way between my two siblings. Although I was just a puppy I could recognize my surroundings. When I was finished drinking the milk from my mother I moved away. I felt a hard surface underneath me. There were plenty of other scents too. One that smelled delicious. I also couldn’t hear but I could feel movement. I was removed from the hard surface and under a much softer surface. There were these weird bumps over the softer surface. Whatever it was it moved me around. I was then put back down. A couple of weeks passed even though I couldn’t really feel it. Each day felt as if I was still a newborn. No time passed in my mind. I could eventually see and hear... I couldn’t see color. Everything was black and gray. My mother was very furry but so was I. I was different from my brothers and sisters. I was smaller, weaker. I didn’t let it stop me though. I smelled her very often, my mother. I liked her sweet scent. We eventually started to find food around this dumpster. We were learning as we got older. I had two sisters and two brothers. As I was one of the girls. We spoke to each other often, my siblings and me. “Let’s go, children”. Mother said to us in a soft voice. We knew how to communicate. When we fought over food mother would yell at us. I didn’t like being in trouble. I was usually very quiet. One day I learned that the soft surface I encountered was a human hand. I had felt that same surface when a human came up to us. The human loaded all of us in their vehicle. We came upon this strange building. The human had let us out in these strange surroundings. There were many scents. I couldn’t place them all at once. I concentrated on one specifically. Strawberry. It smelled so sweet it started to hurt my nose.

Popsicle_Jellyfish · Teen
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