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The Moon Shines On Starlight

*Finished Novel I have a discord server in the comments, if you would like to join, and talk with other readers about the book. Hey everyone! Please give the feedback on any of my books. I am a newly author and would appreciate the reviews. I want to caution those who read this. This book will be about animal violence. What one in particular animal can suffer through. Animal Abuse is no joke, and I wanted the reader to experience the thoughts and feelings of what the animal might think in that moment. The book is about going through a bad experience, and coming to the light at the end of the tunnel. Starlight in particular is the main protagonist and the real life of my own rescue dog. Some things will be exaggerated for effect, but the most part it's true. Animal Abuse is not ok, no matter who you are. If you would like to read something else besides this that I've written, go check out Totally In Love! Please let me know what you think! My goal is to write 2 chapters every 2 weeks! I am a busy person. but I absolutely love writing! Chapter One-Mutt It was very dimmed. I couldn't really see. Oh, but I could smell. The sweet scents all around me. Then I smelled her. I immediately knew who she was. My mother. My creator. I went over to her screaming my way between my two siblings. Although I was just a puppy, I could recognize my surroundings. When I was finished drinking the milk from my mother, I moved away. I felt a hard surface underneath me. There were plenty of other scents too. One that smelled delicious. I also couldn't hear but I could feel movement. I was removed from the hard surface, and handed a much softer place. There were these weird bumps over the softer surface. Whatever it was it moved me around. I was then put back down. A couple of weeks passed even though I couldn't really feel it. Each day felt as if I was still a newborn No time passed in my mind. I could eventually see and hear. I couldn't see color. Everything was black and gray. My mother was very furry but so was I. I smelled her very often. I liked her sweet scents. see eventually started to find food around this dumpster. We were learning as we got older. I had two sisters and two brothers. As I was one of the girls. We spoke to each other often, my siblings and me. "Lets go, children." Mother said to us in a soft voice. We knew how to communicate. When we fought over food mother would tell at us. I didn't like being in trouble. I was usually very quiet. One day I learned the soft surface, I encountered was a human hand. I had felt that same surface when a human came up to us. The human loaded all of us in their vehicle. We came upon this strange building. The human let us out in this strange building. There were many scents. I couldn't place them all at once. I concentrated on one specifically. Strawberry. It smelled so sweet, it started to hurt my nose. The human gave us each a me. My two brothers got named Rotter and Owen. My two sisters for named Kenzie and Bexley. Then there was me. The human kept calling me different things. Which I didn't understand Eventually, one name stuck. Mutt. The human called me Mutt. I just decided to go by that name. Every time the human called that name, I came to them. My mother taught us that there were males and females. It's an instinct that we know between us dogs. For humans, she explained that our human was a male.

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