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Upside Down (Taglish)

Upside Down (Taglish)

THOUSAND YEARS AGO - there's an enchanting floating island called Meridia. It was exploded for unknown reason and two huge remnants remained, known as the Fikovia and Margard. One is pulled by the gravity from the north but upside down; and the other one stayed at place. Where one city is gifted with intelligence and comfortable life and where rich people live above, but greedy; while the other one is where garbages were being thrown and where unfortunate people live below, but gifted with special abilities. UPSIDE DOWN - where Love is Forbidden, where Love cannot be Happen, and where Love can be Possible. Inspired of the Movie "Upside Down" GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Romance, Science Fiction STARTED: September 20, 2017 ENDED:

ania_bianca · Fantasy Romance
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